Canadian Energy for the Future

Merging Tradition with Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow in Western Canada

Pioneering the Future of Energy

Cache Island is more than an energy company; we’re the architects of a transformative energy future. Rooted in Western Canada, our mission is based on a bold vision: to lead the way in sustainable energy transition while honouring our conventional oil and gas heritage.

Who We Are

Cache Island stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. As an energy transition corporation, we bring together the legacy of conventional oil and gas assets and the promise of renewable energy projects. This combination allows us to pursue high-quality, long-life, and long-term emission reduction.

man and child holding a solar panel in front of a pumpjack

Our Strategy

Our strategy is as groundbreaking as it is visionary. We’re redefining the energy landscape by uniting two distinct asset bases. The synergy between our renewable assets and oil and gas resources is not only lowering emissions but also paving the way for Cache Island to achieve net-zero emissions. Our unwavering commitment to maximizing profits while minimizing environmental impact fuels our every move.

Cache Island is on a clear path to transition and growth, with the goal of becoming a majority renewable energy producer by 2050. Join us on our journey as we pioneer the future of energy, proving that tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously. Cache Island is not just about redefining energy; we’re rewriting the future – one sustainable choice at a time.

We’re shaping a sustainable future where energy meets both the needs of today and the aspirations of tomorrow.