High Quality Assets

Strategic Rationale

Cache Island is focused on pairing renewable, long-life and economic green energy assets with low decline, large oil in place and high free cash flow oil and gas assets. The combination of these two distinct asset bases will diversify Cache Island and will establish a new energy model. 

Renewable Energy

Cache Island is developing large scale, economic, accessible, clean, renewable energy projects that will benefit Canadians long-term and brighten the future of the environment. The company’s Alberta Solar Projects include: 1 MW Fleeinghorse, 25 MW McGillivray Ranch, and 100 MW Rising Sun Solar Farms.


Cache Island owns a working interest in the Medicine Hat Glauconitic “C” East Unit in Southern Alberta. Cache Island also owns and operates assets in Southeast Saskatchewan. The most notable areas include the Bakken, Ingoldsby and Wordsworth. 

ESG Initiatives

Cache Island is committed to improving the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) of Canadians by investing its resources into responsible, positive and sustainable initiatives from the office to the field.